"Who, What, Where, Why, and When?"


Who:              ü Teens, twentysomethings, and early thirty-year-olds


What:             ü Faced with so many choices today’s teens-, 20s-, and early 30-year-olds get overwhelmed and develop the “deer in the headlights” syndrome. Not sure what direction to go we freeze, become paralyzed, and get run over by life.

                        Because of this confusion:

                            Four-year college degrees are taking students five, six and even seven years to complete.

                Drug and alcohol abuse is highest for teens and twenty year olds.

                Divorce rates are highest for couples married in their teens and early twenties.

                The average college graduate has more than eight jobs from the age of 22 to the age of 32.

                Job dissatisfaction is as high as 90% across the country


Where:          ü Across the United States and worldwide


When:            ü Leaving home and academics for the first time


Why:              üGoing into the real world for the first time

                        üOverwhelmed with the number of major life decisions we have to make

                        üQuarterlifers have not learned to trust their own experience

                        üThe transition into the real world is not a cultural discussion like the mid-life crisis is

                        üThrough television shows like Jerry Springer, radio shows like Howard Stern, and newspapers/magazines relentlessly covering stories on people like Scott Peterson and Michael Jackson, today’s young adults get a confused and mixed view of the world