Let’s face it. Quarterlifers, people in their teens, 20s and early 30s, are overwhelmed! I know, because I’m one of them. Once we leave the protection of home and school, we are suddenly faced with many questions: “What should I do for a living?” “Where can I find Mr. or Ms. Right?” “What is my purpose?” “Who am I?” “How can I make money?” and “What is the meaning of life?” We turn these questions over and over in our heads as we venture into the real world for the first time.

     It’s not only the questions that are difficult. It’s also the sheer number of them. Think about it. You’re looking for the perfect career, making new friends, choosing a place to live, searching for the right partner, contemplating a family, exploring your spirituality, questioning the meaning of it all, and wondering if you can even survive. Wow! The irony is that we all go through this, yet few of us talk about it openly.

     Just a few years ago, at 20, I remember tossing and turning in bed at night with thoughts running through my head. I wondered why I seemed to be the only one who didn’t have it all figured out. I couldn’t understand how friends could already be getting married, committing to mortgages, and having children. I wanted to know why I was here on earth, and if my life mattered.

     It’s the same frustration, confusion, and uncertainty that led a classmate of mine to commit suicide by throwing his body off the lip of the Grand Canyon. Depressed and frustrated, he chose to end his life rather than carry on. In fact, did you know that our generation has the highest rate of suicide attempts?  Recent studies linking depression to suicide found that depression has doubled among 20-year-olds over the past 13 years. When asked why, the director of one study said, “Times are more stressful, students are faced with more pressure, more decisions, and more competition. There is more demand put on young adults today.”

     Unfortunately, not only do quarterlifers have the highest rate of suicide attempts, we also top the charts in divorce, drug use, and alcohol abuse. Not to mention that from the time we graduate from college until we reach our mid-30s we seek a new job every year and a half, often in fields completely unrelated to what we spent years and tens of thousands of dollars studying!

    Fortunately, my life changed the day I discovered that there are tools and techniques for navigating the real world.

     At the age of 24, I graduated from chiropractic college, moved to a new town, and opened an office. For the next six months I worked to build my practice, meet new people, learn how to run a business, find social involvements, stay in shape, and get to know my new town. I continuously felt stressed and full of anxiety. If you’ve ever had to give a public speech, do you remember that uneasy feeling of butterflies you experienced? I had that feeling 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

     It was that pain, along with the suffering I saw in my friends, which led me to pick up the telephone and call successful chiropractors and businesspeople. I began asking them what they had done when they opened their doors, and to my surprise they told me! Taking their advice, I made changes in my office and immediately began to notice positive results. Patients started signing up for care and referring family members to the office. Soon I was calling other individuals I admired and asking them questions about finances, relationships, spirituality, and personal growth. I took their suggestions, integrated them into my life, and experienced even more significant changes. 

     What started out as my personal questioning process eventually grew into hosting both a talk radio program and a talk television show. Now, each week, I interview the world’s leading experts on the topics of personal potential, business, politics, wellness, spirituality, relationships, finance, and career. These in-depth conversations with the greatest thinkers of our time have completely transformed my life.

     Imagine for a moment how your life would change if you had access to what the most successful people in the world know today that they wish they had known when they were just starting out in the real world.

     It would make your life easier...right? It would take some of the sting off of your quarterlife crisis.    

     That was my goal when I sat down and wrote the book Upload Experience: Quarterlife Solutions for Teens and Twentysomethings. I wanted to share with you what others have generously shared with me.

     It took me five years or writing and re-writing to complete the book...but I would do it all over again.

     By following the advice in the book, today I’m a blessed man. I own a successful chiropractic office and have started two additional businesses, my relationships with friends and family continue to deepen, I’m in the best shape of my adult life, I’ve finished a book, I’m growing spiritually, and I have the genuine feeling that my life matters—I’m here for a reason.

     Do I have it all figured out? No way! But my life is 100 percent better because I don’t have the frustration, confusion, and uncertainty that I once did.

     What if you were able to shed your frustration, confusion, and uncertainty? How valuable would that be in your life?

     What Quarterlife Solutions has to offer you is a unique perspective. Not only have I brought together solutions from the experts, I’ve also interviewed over 400 of our peers. Each chapter contains the real life experiences, insights, and questions that other quarterlifers have shared with me.

    Let me tell you a little secret. Our generation knows far more than we give ourselves credit for knowing. When I asked people 17 to 35 years old to address the hardest questions that we face and heard their answers, I was amazed! In many ways their insights have had the greatest impact on my life. Here’s why. Most of the experts I interview are in their late 40s, 50s, 60s, and even 70s. While you can’t put a price tag on their advice and wisdom, they grew up in a different era than ours and can’t necessarily relate to the problems, concerns, and obstacles of our generation.

      Think in your own life about how easy it is to forget a problem once you’ve found a solution. Do you remember how much you agonized over which computer to buy? Once you bought, it all of your concerns became a distant memory as you moved onto the next problem. Now imagine how little of a problem you would remember if it occurred over 20 years ago. When I hit upon this understanding, I knew I had to focus Quarterlife Solutions around our generation and that’s exactly what I did.

     Each chapter is one of the major questions that we face as quarterlifers. There are 30 questions in total. While the book is designed to be read from beginning to end, you may find it best to go directly to the question you are dealing with right now. Within each chapter are the gems of advice that have been shared with me, along with my personal experiences and interesting stories taken right out of the headlines. At the end of the chapter is an opportunity section containing a tip, tool, or technique you can begin applying today to bring solutions to the very question being addressed. None of the chapters tell you what you have to do. Instead they provide you with the tools and information you can use to make the change for yourself. As one reader told me, “A lot of books we read today tell us what we should do. Your book helps individuals figure it out on their own. You present ideas in a way that hits home and keeps people reading!” Regardless of whether you read from front to back or pick and choose among the chapters, I promise that you will find clear guidance.

     May this book change your life for the better as much as the writing of it has changed mine. This truly is the book that I wish I’d had when I was entering the real world. I look forward to the day when we meet in person.


Evergreen, Colorado  

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    PPS:  I made the book very visual, interactive, and engaging. Not only are the chapters the major concerns of our generation, I have also included profiles of nearly 100 quarterlifers within the book. Check out some of the pages from the book below.



Here are two pages from the chapter, "How Can I Overcome

This Empty Pit Feeling Inside?"

Here is a page from the chapter, "When Should I Have Children?"

Here are two pages from the chapter, "How Can I Make My Mark?"


   PPPS: Here is the Table of Contents from Upload Experience: Quarterlife Solutions for Teens and Twentysomethings. Each chapter is one of the 30 primary questions faced by our generation.


      1.   What Is the Real World? 

      2.   Does Becoming a Responsible Adult Mean That Life Becomes

             Boring and Monotonous?

      3.   What Is My Purpose?

      4.   Is a Life of Purpose Easy?

      5.   What Is the Meaning of Life?

      6.   Is Life Fair?

      7.   Who Am I?

      8.   How Can I Overcome This Empty Pit Feeling Inside?

      9.   How Do I Make These Major Life Decisions?

     10.  Does Anyone Have It All Figured Out?

     11.  What Can I Do About All This Stress?

     12.  How Can I Overcome This Feeling of Being Stuck?

     13.  How Can I Quit Procrastinating?

     14.  How Can I Stay Motivated?

     15.  How Can I Overcome My Fear of Failure?

     16.  Where Can I Find Mr. or Ms. Right?

     17.  Am I with the Right One?

     18.  When Should I Marry?

     19.  What Is the Key to a Successful Marriage? 

     20.  When Is it Time to End a Relationship?

     21.  When Should I Have Children?

     22.  What Should I Do for a Living?

     23.  Can I Be in a Relationship and Still Be Successful?

     24.  Should I Go for the Big Bucks or Pursue What I Truly Want to Do? 

     25.  How Can I Make Money?

     26.  Where Should I Invest My Money?

     27.  Should I Travel and Explore Before Settling Down?

     28.  Where Should I Live?

     29.  What Is My Spiritual Path?

     30.  How Can I Make My Mark in the World?

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