Interview with Robert Wendover

                           Director of The Center for Generational Studies


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Have you ever wondered...could this really be the child I gave birth to?


Whether you are a parent, grandparent, teacher or times do you feel like throwing your arms up in the air?


Do you want to understand why today's teenagers are so different from your generation?


Do you want to know how to:


        communicate with your teenager


        help your teenager without smothering them


        be there for your teenager


        set clear guidelines for your teenager without having him or her rebel


The bottom line is that if there was a way to help your would. 




Of course...if you could help your teenager learn from the mistakes you've made you would. don't know how to reach them.


Their lives are different.


The more you try to help...the harder they pull away.


Perhaps they tell you..."You just don't understand?" or "Why can't you leave me alone?"


Don't worry. That is why we created the Understanding Your Teenager audio.





Do you know....

         Differences in parenting styles today versus 30 years ago

         How to spend time that counts with your teenager

         How to help your teenager handle life's difficulties

         Why today's teenagers have "menu driven" thinking

         How to help your teenager become an independent thinker who is able to stand on his

            or her own two feet

         How to set boundaries

         What to do when your teenager is old enough to drive

         How to teach your teenager to be responsible with money

         The importance of structure in a teenager's life

         How parents can respect the privacy of their teenager without losing contact with

            their teenager





How could you be an expert?


Chances are good that you've never had any special training on generational differences. You are busy enough with your life right now.

This is where Robert W. Wendover comes in. 

In this interview he summarizes over a decade (Yes! Ten years of research) on teenagers and generational differences.

You will learn why teenagers are the way they are AND how you can relate to them.


So why is this new generation so different?




Lots of reasons...


Every generation is a product of the influences they experience as they come of age.  Studies indicate that a person's character is formed in the first dozen years of life. Of course this is not where it stops, but certainly the stories children hear, the television shows they watch, the friends they have, and the events that take place have a crucial impact on developing their values, attitudes, and overall outlook on life.




Today's teenagers have more influences than any generation in history:

     ●  Internet

     ●  Podcasts

     ●  Text messages

     ●  Pagers

     ●  Satellite Radio

     ●  WiFi


     ●  Instant messaging

     ●  Email

     ●  Music downloads

     ●  eBooks


     ●  Cell Phones

     ●  Broadband

     ●  Computers

     ●  Video games

     ●  Cable television

     ●  Satellite television

     ●  Video messaging

     ●  MTV

     ●  iPods

     ●  Google

     ●  411 directory assistance


These influences are on top of the limited number of influences that their parents had.


         ●  Family Stories

         ●  Friends

         ●  Church

         ●  Radio

         ●  Newspapers

         ●  Magazines

         ●  Movies

         ●  Television



It's not only the influences that have made life different for today's teenagers. It is also the speed at which these influences come. 

Think for a moment about your last trip to the grocery store. From the moment you walked in advertisements were placed on the shopping cart you grabbed, the floor in front of you, the announcements overhead, the aisles you walked down, the check out stand, and the receipts that you received. This bombardment of information, news, advertising and noise is constant.

Does it have an effect?

You bet it does...

Life is different today.

It requires a different parenting approach than what has been done in the past. 




In Understanding Your Teenager Robert discusses:

         Should you be your child's friend or parent?  Is there a difference?

         What are the greatest threats in teenagers' lives? The internet, drugs, music, etc...?

         Why do teenagers refuse to work? I mean really flipping burgers or

            cleaning bathrooms?

         Who do they respect? Do teenagers have role models today?

         Is the age of innocence gone?

         Why do they have to wear brand clothes? Have a cell phone? Own an iPod?

         What is going on with their clothes, piercings, music and hair?

         Are parents creating dependent children by caring too much?

         Why do so many teenagers return home after graduating from college? 

         How do you know when your child becomes a teenager?

         Are teenagers today simply expressing the same rebellion that previous generations

            did when coming of age?  Or is it different?

         Why teenagers have the highest rate of drug and alcohol abuse?

         What to do if your teenager wants to get a tattoo and tongue piercing?

         How to listen to your teenager and resist the urge to give advice?

         The importance of letting your teenager make his or her own mistakes.

         How to communicate with your teenager? Do you need to start text messaging?


         Resources for parents including support groups and books.


         What to do when your teenager wants a credit card?





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Robert Wendover

About Robert W. Wendover:


Robert W. Wendover is the Director of The Center for Generational Studies. For more than 15 years, he has worked with a wide range of leaders within government, education and business on generational diversity .He has appeared on CNN, CNBC and a host of other radio, television, and newspaper outlets.





There's more...


Robert also discusses why today's teenagers:


          Are use to pushing the envelope and getting away with more at home and in school


          Believe that right or wrong depends on the situation and who is involved


          Feel that life is too short not to have fun


          Want to interact with media rather than simply watch it.


          Like choice...if they are not offered the right options, they will attempt to create them


          Expect money to come in the forms of credit cards and clicks


          Want media they can call their own.


          Are skeptical of authorities.


          Aspire to the life positions they see illustrated in the media.


          Prefer communicating with people half way around the world instead of family within

             the same house.




About Jason C. Steinle:


Jason C. Steinle is the author of Upload Experience: Quarterlife Solutions for Teens and Twentysomethings. He has interviewed over 400 quarterlifers and 150 experts on the biggest questions today's teens, twentysomethings, and thirty-year-olds face when going out into the real world.


Jason interviews Robert in Understanding Your Teenager.




Why guess about your teenager?


Get the audio and rest easy knowing you are learning from the best.

You could spend days looking for quality books and seminars...and then spend years studying them to gain the experience and knowledge that Robert Wendover shares in this one hour interview.

Do it for it for your teenager...get this interview.

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