THINK LIKE THE RICH 

                         Interview with Mike Summey

                         Author the Weekend Millionaire Mindset

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Have you ever wondered...


What is the difference between someone who labors to make $15,000 a year and one who makes $150,000 a year?

Why are some people able to have nice clothes, eat good food, support their family and even go on vacations...without going into debt?

Whether you are a student, high school graduate or college times do you feel like no matter how hard you try there never seems to be enough money at the end of the month.


Do you want to understand why certain people have money and other's don't?


Do you want to know how to:


        identify and break bad money habits and get out of debt


        think and perform like a millionaire


        convert a little free time into financial freedom


The bottom line is that as a quarterlifer there is no better time to learn how to think and act like the rich. 




You are at a fork in the road.  Chances are that you are on your own for the first time in your life.  You are in charge of making money and spending money.  The decisions you make in your first earning years will impact the rest of your life. 


Did you know....


         30% of young adults aged 18 to 24 were living below the poverty line in



         90% of Americans are one paycheck or less away from being broke


         the average American works over 10,000 days in his or her lifetime...and

             yet has no savings


         the average American could be a millionaire if you took the

            amount of money he or she spent on interest over a lifetime and invested it

            ...instead all of that money is gone with nothing to show for it.


        college graduates fear debt and joblessness more than another terrorist



In your teens, twenties and thirties is the exact time where you can learn to think like the rich.


In's the time that you must learn to think like the rich...before you develop bad habits...and even worse...get yourself into deep, deep debt.





Do you know....

         The top mistakes quarterlifers make with their money?

         The true measure of wealth?

         What good credit versus bad credit is?

         How to get control of your spending?

         What an informed risk is?

         How to make your money work for you...instead of you working for it?

         The difference between the Lifestyle of Success and the Lifestyle of Failure?

         How to think like an investor...not a consumer?

         The advantage of time that quarterlifers have when it comes to becoming rich?





How could you be an expert?


Chances are good that you've never had any special training on how to think like the rich.


If you are lucky you may have learned how to balance your check book or comparison shop for products based on the price per ounce.


This is where Mike Summey comes in. 

In this interview he summarizes over thirty years of experience in thinking like the rich.

Today Mike is known as the "Weekend Millionaire" but it wasn't always that way. Back in his twenties Mike was barely scraping by making minimum wage as a factory worker.

In Think Like the Rich you will learn the exact steps Mike took to go from owning nothing in his early twenties to becoming a millionaire by the time he reached thirty. In fact, today Mike owns over 100 real estate properties.


That was it still possible to do it today?




You bet it is...


The economy in the United States today gives you opportunities that people only dreamed about in the past.  If you're not financially successful in this country, you're doing something wrong, and the first step to changing your future is changing the way you think. Whether you want to quit your job, increase your wealth, secure your future, or provide for your family, the key is that you must learn how to actually think and perform like the rich.




In Think Like the Rich Mike discusses:


         How to evaluate and redirect your life in order to become wealthy and achieve

            financial independence.

         The advice Mike gave to his own son who just graduated from college.

         The characteristics rich people have that the middle-class and poor do not.

         Using a software program like Quicken to map your financial future.


         Three steps to making money work in a relationship or with a roommate.

         What opportunities exist today to get rich.

         Are the rich stubborn and more persistent than the average person?

         How to stay on top of your finances.

         What is the slow way to wealth. What is the fast way. Which one is better.

         What are some of the biggest fears people have about money.  How can they

            overcome them.

         How long does it realistically take to become rich.

         Calculating the actual cost of living.

         What impact does ones attitude have on how much money they make.

         What are the different approaches to investing...such as investing in the stock

            market or rental property. Which one is best for quarterlifers.


         What are the different philosophies to investing...such as buy low and sell high, or

            buy and hold over time. Which one is best for quarterlifers.

         How to set financial goals. Should they be realistic or lofty.

         How to stay focused on your financial goals.

         Leasing a car versus buying a car.

         When to stop renting and become a home owner.


         Interest as a financial discount versus as a penalty.


         How to develop spending patience and discipline.


         The minimum amount of money required to start investing.


         Expanding opportunities to become rich by showing responsibility


         How the money we make today pays for today and the money we invest pays

            for future days.


         Does it take money to make money.


         How and when to purchase Savings Bonds.


         What Mike knows now about making money that he wishes he had known when

            he was a quarterlifer.






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About Mike Summey:

Mike Summey is an entrepreneur in the truest sense of the word. From a humble upbringing in the poverty-stricken coalfields of Southern West Virginia, he struck out to make his fortune at the tender age of 15. With little education and no money, he stumbled his way through several menial jobs ranging from carpentry work to factory jobs and even door-to-door encyclopedia sales. In 1967, at age 21, after being laid off from his factory job and given $300 in severance pay; he paused to contemplate his future.


After considerable thought, he wrote down a simple sentence that he carried in his wallet for the next 30 years. The sentence read, "I will become a millionaire by age 30 and retire by age 50." What followed was like a fairy tale and speaks volumes about the power of having goals.

When he compared the meager wages he made working for someone else to the lofty goals he had set for himself, he knew he would have to change careers to have any hope of achieving them. The shock of losing his job, made him determined not to ever be at the mercy of an employer again. He invested the $300 severance pay in an old van and started a small sign shop that he eventually built into a billboard company with offices in two states. Among his many accomplishments in the outdoor advertising field, he invented and patented the single pole construction used throughout the world today and designed the first fully integrated computer software for the industry. However, it was advice from his accountant in the late 1970s, that started him down the path that led to his writing The Weekend Millionaire's Secrets to Investing In Real Estate.

His accountant advised him to start diversifying his investments and recommended real estate. This all sounded good, except for the fact that it took all the money he could scrape together to keep his capital-intensive business growing and there was simply no surplus money left to invest. Aside from the money problem, having to oversee offices in two states, made Mike's time as limited and valuable as money.

Mike started like many new investors, spending an hour or two when he could find the time looking for properties he could buy with little or no money down and favorable financing. After several months, he found a small house that met his criteria and he purchased his first rental property. From this meager start, he went on to build a fortune in real estate using his spare time. Right on schedule with the goals he carried in his wallet, he sold his company and retired at age fifty. Today he enjoys a six figure monthly income from his real estate investments, lives in a dream home located on a beautiful gated private estate and flies his own pressurized twin-engine airplane.

He has been named to numerous Who's Who publications including "Who's Who in the World," "Who's Who in America," "Who's Who in America in Finance and Industry," "Who's Who of Leading American Executives" and many more. He is a member of the National Speakers Association and is past president and Member of the Year of NSA Carolinas.

If you ask Mike Summey what he credits for his success, he is quick to say, "It's my education. I have PhD from the University of Hard Knocks." His philosophy of how to become wealthy and his explanation of how to live the Lifestyle of Success are fascinating in their simplicity. He doesn't talk a lot of theory and he won't try to baffle you with a lot of hype and rhetoric. With his friendly down home Southern drawl, his often-humorous anecdotes and real life stories, it's easy to see why, to paraphrase the E.F. Hutton commercial, "When Mike talks... people listen."

Where Mike started...his first home. Where Mike lives now.







There's more...


Mike Summey also discusses:


         How to create a personal budget.


         Setting up a rewards system for saving.


         When to invest your money.


         How to invest your money.


         Where to invest your money.


         Why you want to have two separate checking accounts


         How to use your time wisely and profitably.


         If you have to live frugally in order to become rich.


         Should you pay off your student loans before starting to invest.


         Using three questions with each financial situation--"Do I need to increase income?"

            "Reduce expenses?" or "Go in debt?"


         Who to surround yourself with on your way to wealth.


         The steps to overcome excuses and other forms of procrastination.


         Is it greedy to want to be rich.


         Developing a safety cushion financially


         The characteristics of the rich that make them rich.


         Understanding compound interest and making it work for you.


         How people are not created equally but opportunities are.


         What it means to diversify your investments.

         Understanding the difference between earned income and unearned income.

         How to get into the action habit.


         Taking charge of your financial future.


         How to squeeze more out of what you make.


         The steps that Mike took to create a passive income of over $100,000 a month.


         The importance of time freedom in addition to money freedom.


         How easy is it to become rich


         The price of becoming financially independent.


         What functional retirement is.


         How much time and work it takes to become rich





About Jason C. Steinle:


Jason C. Steinle is the author of Upload Experience: Quarterlife Solutions for Teens and Twentysomethings. He has interviewed over 400 quarterlifers and 150 experts on the biggest questions today's teens, twentysomethings, and thirty-year-olds face when going out into the real world.


Jason interviews Mike in Think Like the Rich.




Why guess about your financial future?


Get the audio and rest easy knowing you are learning from the best.

You could spend days looking for quality books and seminars...and then spend years studying them to gain the experience and knowledge that Mike Summey shares in this one hour interview.

Do it for it for your furture...get this interview.

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