Interview with Alisa LeSueur

                        Developer of the Maximizing Financial Aid

                        Certified College Planner and a member of the

                        National Institute of Certified College Planners



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Your teen will graduate from high school soon...

He (or she) is planning on going to college...


How will you pay for it?

College is expensive. No matter if your teen is going to a private or a state school you can expect to pay thousands of dollars every year for tuition, room and board.


In fact if you're like most probably are more concerned about how much colleges cost than which college would be best for your child.




What if you didn't have to worry about how much a school cost?


What if you could help your teenager pick out the college that best fits his needs academically and geographically without worrying about the price?


Whether you are the parents of one teen or five teens...there are resources available to help defray the cost of college today.


Do you want to know...


        what financial aid is and which type you should apply for


        steps to be taken to maximize your financial aid


        which colleges give you the most free money


Obviously the more you know from the beginning...the better your chances of making the right financial decisions.




How do you learn all of this?


That is why we created the Paying For College audio.





College costs keep increasing


College is expensive today...and it keeps going up and up in price.


Did you know that families can expect to pay $112 to $1,190 more this year for tuition than a year ago?


To give you an idea of what college tuitions cost today look at these averages:


    ● Four-year private $21,235 (up 5.9 percent from last year)

    ● Four-year public $5,491 (up 7.1 percent from last year)


    ● Two-year public $2,191 (up 5.4 percent from last year)


Keep in mind this is the tuition expense per year. Take those numbers and multiply them times the number of years it takes to graduate.


Not only is the price of college tuition going up, but so is the cost of room and board, books, and daily living expenses. 


On top of that if your teen is planning on going to an out-of-state college she can expect to pay an average annual surcharge of $4,160 at two-year colleges and $7,673 at four-year colleges.


So what is the real cost of college?


According to the statistics from the College Board, the average cost for tuition, fees, room, and board at four-year public institutions for 2005-2006 was $12,127.  The average annual cost at four-year private colleges and universities was $29,026.

Either's a lot of money.  The good news is that there are ways to reduce costs and save money when your teen goes off to college.

This is where Alisa LeSueur comes in. 

Alisa is a certified college planner who has helped families around the United States save thousands of dollars in college expenses. She has helped 1000s of families navigate their way through paying for college without losing all of their savings. 

In this interview you will learn how to qualify for the most financial aid possible AND how find money in the form of scholarships, loans, grants, and IRS tax reductions.


 So are you ready to learn how to save money on college?





You will learn...


         The true cost of college


         Why college cost so much today

         Ways to reduce your taxes when your teen goes to college

         How to fill out the financial aid application

         Strategies for getting free money for college

         What you need to know about college payment plans

         How some families were able to send their children to college for free

         How to avoid the most common financial aid mistakes parents make

 And this is just the beginning...





In Paying for College Alisa discusses:


         The role of your income in the financial aid process

         Choosing college based on the scholarships and aid they have available


         The best ways to take money from investments without paying capital gains tax


         Importance of understanding the financial aid eligibility formula

         Cost-cutting strategies beyond tuition, room and board.

         How student work-study programs work

         Getting a better deal on your tuition

         Tips for improving the amount of money you qualify for

         How to talk to your teen about the expense of college and your expectations

         The importance of establishing a financial strategy for college






Alisa explains...


         The truth about sports, academic and performing arts scholarships


         How to organize yourself so that you don't get stressed out


         Why you will qualify for more money at one college than another


         How to use the internet to apply for little known scholarships


         What state-aid programs are and how to use them to your benefit


         Common mistakes parents make when filing their taxes...that they should know

                about when they have a child in college


         Tax reducing ways of earmarking money for your teen's education


         What to do if you don't qualify for financial aid, but can't afford the cost of college






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About Alisa LeSueur:     


  Certified College Planner


  National Institute of Certified College Planners Member


  National Alliance of Financial Aid Practitioners


  Texas Group 1 License for Life Insurance and Annuity Sales + non-resident licensed in over 20 other States


  B.S. in Accounting, Newman University


Alisa has been helping people with their financial needs since the late 1970s. She earned her Insurance License from the state of Texas in 1987. She has trained with several college planning and financial aid programs, as well as extensive self-study.

Alisa's goal is to help clients reach comfortable retirement. College Funding seemed to bring this to a dead halt, so she learned the Financial Aid formulas colleges use and now it is her mission to help families find the money to pay for college, while not interrupting the goal of comfortable retirement for the parents. 

Alisa originally created ICS College Funding to help families in her home town of San Antonio, TX with this issue.  After successfully helping many families with this task, she knew she had to expand her work to a world wide clientele.  

Alisa is the creator of the Maximizing Financial Aid - Strategies Report and she offers services including custom financial aid strategies and personalized filing service.  Alisa is based out of Texas and works with families around the United States.





There's more...


Alisa also discusses...


          The pitfall students and parents fall into by waiting for a guidance counselor's



          The pros and cons of pre-paid tuition plans


          What your expected financial contributions is and why it is important to know


          Advice for parents who are divorced or separated


          Scholarship scams to watch out for


          Special student aid programs for minorities, women, international and handicap



          FAFSA...what it is and why it matters


          The role of financial aid consulting services...when to use one and when not to


          Creating a financial plan for your teen(s) college


          The difference between loans, scholarships and grants




About Jason C. Steinle:


Jason C. Steinle is the author of Upload Experience: Quarterlife Solutions for Teens and Twentysomethings. He has interviewed over 400 quarterlifers and 150 experts on the biggest questions today's teens, twentysomethings, and thirty-year-olds face when going out into the real world.


Jason interviews Alisa in Paying for College




There's even more...

Hear what Alisa has to say about...

          Costs beyond tuition, room and board

          Inexpensive ways to get a degree

          Student jobs and other ways your child can contribute to his education

          Federal aid options available for your teen

          Whether you should stop claiming your child as a dependent

          College aid for military veterans, ROTC, National Guard and other groups

        Her experience behind the scenes as a certified college financial advisor





Don't spend the rest of your life paying for college?


Get the audio and rest easy knowing you are learning from an expert.

You could spend days looking for quality books and resources...and then spend years studying them to gain the experience and knowledge that Alisa shares in this one hour interview.

Do it for it for your teen...get this interview.

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