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Dear Editors,

    I've put together several story ideas below. There are many variations we can do to make the story perfect for your reading audience.

Story ideas: 

1.   Preparing for life in the real world. How quarterlifers are and aren't doing it today? Is this okay or are today's quarterlifers going to be "spinning their wheels" a lot longer than previous generations?

2.    The results of my research...that today's quarterlifers know far more than they think they know.

                        Because of my own confusion in my early 20s, I devoured books, attended seminars, listened to audio tapes, and eventually began to interview people I viewed as successful in their personal, professional, or spiritual lives. This questioning process lead to a local radio and television show where I continued to ask “experts” questions about life in the real world. Eventually this questioning process lead me to ask some of my peers the same questions I was asking the experts. To my amazement the answers that my peers gave were as profound and insightful as that of the experts. In many ways my peers’ answers were more impactful on my life because they were raw, authentic, and not a polished sound bite. This is when I realized that everyone has tremendous insight into life if given the chance to voice it. The only reason why an author, speaker, or television host moves us with a thought is because they give voice to what we already know to be true, but have never voiced ourselves. Think about it. People ask you to "Would you like to supersize this?" "Do you want Coke or Pepsi?" but how often do people ask you the big meaningful questions of life?

3.   What recent college graduates know now that they wish they had known when they were in college (I've interviewed over 200 recent graduates from across the country)

4.   How do deal with all the uncertainty and questioning that occurs as one tries to decide on a career, life partner, place to live, etc....  This can be a great story in which the life experiences and stories of quarterlifers I've interviewed from across the country are mixed with the experiences of locals in your readership. In the article we can offer practical steps to deal with the concerns.

5.   Differences between being a quarterlifer today compared to our parents. Another good story...combining the thoughts of locals in your readership with those of various ages and backgrounds I've interviewed from across the country.

6.   What the experts know now that they wish they had known in their twenties. (I've interviewed over 100 experts through my radio and television program)

7.    Forum discussion--Is life harder today than it was for our parents?

8.    The story of Jason Reiger- a student at Oregon State University who was in a car accident which paralyzed him from the chest down. That was 7 years ago. Today Jason is 28 and has carved out a new life for himself.  Jason's story motivated me to write the book in the first place.

9.    Why television shows like Jerry Springer, radio shows like Howard Stern, and newspapers/magazines relentlessly covering stories on people like Scott Peterson and Michael Jackson have left  today’s young adults dazed and confused about the world. 

10.    My story...what happened in my life that prompted me to begin searching and eventually write this book.  The lessons I learned and keep on learning.

You are welcome to interview me for the article. In addition, I have a number of great profiles of quarterlifers who are making their way through the real world. Some of these quarterlifers overcame great adversity (cancer, paralyzing accidents, loss of family) where as others have achieved early success. (Cast as the lead in a show on Broadway, competed in Miss America.)  I've received permission from each of them to share their stories and pictures.

Please feel welcome to contact me at any time. My cell phone is (303) 549-1711 and I can be reached by email at jason@jasonsteinle.com  If you need additional information or if there is any other way I can be a resource please let me know.

 Thank you,

 Jason Steinle, author of UPLOAD EXPERIENCE: Quarterlife Solutions for Teens and Twentysomethings