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Dear Producers,


As a television talk show producer myself I've put together several show themes--complete with guests and angles--below. There are many variations we can do to make the show perfect for your audience. I look forward to being a resource for you.


Thank you,


Jason Steinle, author of UPLOAD EXPERIENCE



Show Themes:


1.    How quarterlifers--people in their teens, 20s, and early 30s--are discovering their purpose.


        a.    I have six quarterlifers with compelling, unique, and mediagenic stories of how they discovered their purpose.


        b.    Each story exemplifies one ways in which my research found quarterlifers are finding their purpose. Those ways are the following:


                1.    Stumbling upon it

                2.    Through the loss or near loss of a loved one

                3.    By hitting rock bottom

                4.    Born knowing it

                5.    Life threatening event

                6.    A discontent with life as it is that propels one to find it without hitting rock bottom first



2.    Quarterlifers--people in their teens, 20s, and early 30s--know far more than they realize, BUT they don’t trust themselves.


        a.                Because of my own confusion in my early 20s, I devoured books, attended seminars, listened to audio tapes, and eventually began to interview people I viewed as successful in their personal, professional, or spiritual lives. This questioning process lead to a local radio and television show where I continued to ask “experts” questions about life in the real world. Eventually this questioning process lead me to ask some of my peers the same questions I was asking the experts. To my amazement the answers that my peers gave were as profound and insightful as that of the experts. In many ways my peers’ answers were more impactful on my life because they were raw, authentic, and not a polished sound bite. This is when I realized that everyone has tremendous insight into life if given the chance to voice it. The only reason why an author, speaker, or television host moves us with a thought is because they give voice to what we already know to be true, but have never voiced ourselves.


        b.            We have lots of digital (mini-dv) footage of interviews with quarterlifers and the "experts." Good stuff!



3.    The difference between life today and thirty years ago:


        a.    Are todays teens and twenty-year-olds lazy?

               1.    We have digital footage of both quarterlifers and their parents answering this.


        b.    Will this world be better or worse in 50 year?

                1.    Do today's quarterlifers have what it takes to lead our global society in a direction of peace, environmental preservation, and human compassion?




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