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                      Interview with Janice Hoffman

                           Author of Relationship Rules and a Men are from

                           Mars, Women from Venus Head Trainer


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There are women everywhere...


Then why is it so hard to meet them...

Whether you are looking for a girl to hangout with or a potential life you ever wonder if there is an easier way to meet girls.


Do you want to know...


       Why some guys are able to meet and talk to girls everywhere they go


        What girls are thinking when you approach them in a store or at the gym


        The questions you should and should not ask when breaking the ice


        How girls like to be treated by someone they don't know...yet


The bottom line is that meeting a girl is exhilarating. 




As a guy you want to make a good want her to like you.. 


So how do you do it? What do you need to know...


        before you go up to her at the grocery store


        before you write a witty email on or


        before you try dancing with her at the club


        before you ask for her phone number


The more you know from the beginning...the better your chances of taking the right steps.




How do you learn all of this?


Don't worry. That is why we created the How to Meet Girls audio.





You will learn....

         Where you can meet women

         How women feel about being approached

         Ways to break the ice

         What women want to hear when you approach them

         How women evaluate your physical appearance

         What signs women give if they are interested


         Why confidence is so important

         If nice guys really finish last

         What not to say or do when you ask for their telephone number





Let's be honest here...


Is there really a magic pick-up line that will work every time you use it?


No...of course not!


This audio is not about giving you a phony script that you can use when you are at the bar.


Instead it is about you understanding how women think.


What do they like? What do they dislike? How do they want to be treated? What makes them feel comfortable? What makes them uncomfortable?


It has been said that when you understand the why...the how's take care of themselves.


In other words if you understand why women think the way they do...then how you approach them becomes easy.


This is where Janice Hoffman comes in. 

Janice summarizes over ten years of experience as a head trainer for the Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus relationship consulting group.

The bottom line is...Janice knows how men and women think.

In this interview you will first learn the key differences between how women like to be approached and treated compared to men and secondly you will learn how to read and approach a woman in different social situations.


So what are some factors that guys need to be aware of when approaching a girl...




Lots of them...


         Single girls think and act differently from girls in a relationship


         A girl who is with her friends will treat you differently than if you approach her

            one on one


         Girls want to be approached and appreciated as much as guys...but they

             are constantly on guard for their safety


         Regardless of what you say or how you dress sometimes it is just the wrong 

   to spot this early so you don't dig a hole.


         You are not only meeting a girl for the first are also overcoming all of

             the experiences with assholes she has had in the past.


         Just because a girl did not seem interested in you the first you act and

            respond to her rejection makes all the difference the next time you approach her


And this is just the beginning....



In How to Meet Girls Janice discusses tips for meeting and approaching women at the following locations...






         grocery store




         yoga class




         club or bar


         coffee shop








         singles groups






         store clerk






Janice gets real and discusses...


         Why chemistry exists with some women and not others


         How young is to young...or to old


         How important your presence is in approaching women


         What are the qualities that make (or break) your presence


         The main ways men turn off women without even knowing it


         How men sabatoge themselves before they even say a word


         The line between being confident and being cocky


         Why some men pretend to be someone they are not to avoid rejection


         How to tell if a woman is genuinely interested in you


         Why some women prey on men's attention and how they can mislead you


         How to let a girl know you want to get to know her better without being to direct







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About Janice Hoffman:

Janice has been a long time trainer for the Men are from Mars, Women from Venus Institute. In fact, Janice was one of the original trainers through the program in 1996. 


Since that time she has personally trained over 500 Mars Venus Facilitators and Counselors worldwide. Often times working side by side with John Gray.


As a Mars Venus Facilitator, Janice has helped hundreds improve their relationships with her fun and entertaining style. She has been featured on TV, radio and in numerous articles, including

Janice is the author of the book Relationship Rules.





There's more...


Janice also discusses...


          How to deal with rejection


          Easy steps you can take to make yourself more physically attractive


          Developing a positive attitude for approaching women


          What to say if a woman is rude or ignores you


          Why some women pretend like they are not interested when they are


         How to distinguish yourself from all the other guys who approach women


         Is there such a thing as a green light and red light for approaching women





About Jason C. Steinle:


Jason C. Steinle is the author of Upload Experience: Quarterlife Solutions for Teens and Twentysomethings. He has interviewed over 400 quarterlifers and 150 experts on the biggest questions today's teens, twentysomethings, and thirty-year-olds face when going out into the real world.


Jason interviews Janice in How to Meet Girls.




There's even more...

Hear what Janice has to say about...

          Top five things men need to know about meeting women


         Why your intention matters and how women know it


         The importance of safety for women and the number one thing you can do to put a

             woman at ease


         The window you have for approaching a woman...when it is to late


         How to let a girl who is with friends or who looks busy know you are interested in



         What to say next...after you've started a conversation


         How to tell if a woman is already taken or not


         What women think when you offer them your business card or email address





Why guess about women?


Get the audio and rest easy knowing you are learning from the best.

You could spend days looking for quality books and seminars...and then spend years studying them to gain the experience and knowledge that Janice shares in this one hour interview.

Do it for it for your social life...get this interview.

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