upload  (uhp’lohd) v. to transfer specialized information to a central center

experience (ex-pe’ri-ence) n. knowledge or skill derived through the act of participating in an event

upload experience 1. to transfer the life skills and wisdom of another person into your own life 2. to instantly add to your life the knowledge and skill of others 3. to connect to the life experience of another person and integrate it into your own life

-Tina uploaded business experience and received the first promotion in the company.

-Because Matt chose to upload quarterlife experience, he enjoyed his twenties and thirties.


uplex (uhp’lex) v. to upload a lifetime of experience

upload experience number (a.k.a. uplex number)  the total number of years of experience contained with in a book, CD, or other information product.

UPLOAD EXPEREINCE: Quarterlife Solutions has an upload experience number of over 3800 years!