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                      Interview with Janice Hoffman

                           Author of Relationship Rules and a Men are from

                           Mars, Women from Venus Head Trainer


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Are you tired of not having a girlfriend or boyfriend...

Do you want to ask...or be asked out on dates...but don't know how to do it...

Whether you have had a crush on a guy in math class or you've been talking to a hot girl after you wonder when is the right time to ask him or her out on a date.


Do you want to know...


        How to let someone know you are in to them


        The do's and don'ts of dating (Who pays for what? When should I call?)


        Fun stuff you can do on your first date


        When is the right time and the wrong time to kiss on the first date


        What to do if your parents don't like who you are dating.


The bottom line is easy...if done right. 


You just need to know how to do it.


Good guys and girls are everywhere...


So how do you date them? What do you need to know...


        Before you ask them out


        Before you decide on a place to eat


        Before you meet his or her parents


        Before your date is over


The more you know from the beginning...the better your chances of having a great date.




How do you learn all of this?


Don't worry. That is why we created the Dating for Teenagers audio.




You will learn...

        The five stages of dating (yeah you want to know these)

        How to and how not to ask a friend out on a's different for guys and girls


        How to ask that hottie in English Lit. class out on a date

        When it's okay to ask for a second date

        What to do if he or she is playing "games" with you

        How to keep things going on a date

        How can you tell--or show--your date that you have a crush and that you want to kiss

           him or her?

        What sex can do to a relationship

        How to put your date at ease so that he or she has a good time

        The red flags to look out for when dating

        The fine line between carefully planning a date and just being spontaneous

        The good, bad, and ugly of meeting dates online

        About casual, serious, and heavy dating

        How to tell if your date likes you and is having a good time





Let's be honest here...


Dating doesn't have to be intimidating


If you want to be going on dates...but aren't...there is one reason why


You aren't confident enough to ask a guy or girl out (yes girls can ask guys out too)


Like anything you're new can be overwhelming


You wonder...


What if they say no? What if their parents don't like me? What if they get bored on the date? What if they make fun of me afterwards because of something I did? What if I don't have a hot car to pick them up in? What if we run out of things to talk about?


The best way to get confident and put all of the questions to rest is by learning how to date.


This is where Janice Hoffman comes in. 

Janice summarizes over ten years of experience as a head trainer for the Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus relationship consulting group.

The bottom line is...Janice knows how men and women think.

In this interview you will first learn how to ask a guy or girl out on a date and secondly you will learn what to do when you're on the date.


So what are some factors that girls and guys need to be aware of when dating...




Lots of them...


In Dating for Teenagers Janice discusses the top questions both girls and guys have about dating.


Here are questions from girls...


        How does a girl get a guy to talk and open up?

         Why do guys talk so much about themselves?

         Why doesnt a guy call when he says he will?

         Why dont guys want to commit to one girl for very long?

         Why dont guys show emotions?

         Why do guys use their charm when theyre trying to impress a girl  
            or get out of trouble and not all the time?

         How far should a girl allow a guy to go on a date if she really 
            likes him?

         Why dont guys try harder to impress a girl if he really likes her?

         Why do guys act differently around their friends than around girls?

         Why do guys play hard to get?

         How does a girl attract a nice, honest guy?

         What impresses a girl the most?


And this is just the beginning....




Here are questions from guys...


         Why are girls so self-conscious about their looks?

         Why are girls jealous of other girls?

         Why are girls so emotional compared guys?

         When a girl tells me a story, why does she feel the need to include   
            so many details?

         Why dont girls just say what they mean?  Why do they hint 
            around instead?

         Why do girls always want to talk about our relationship?

         Why does my girlfriend want more from our relationship when I
            think everything is going fine?

         Why do women ask so many questions about what I am doing in 
            my spare time?

         Why do girls analyze everything?

         Why do girls go to the bathroom together?

         Why are girls so indirect about things, especially when you ask
            them what they want? 

         How do I get a date with a girl I really like?






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About Janice Hoffman:

Janice has been a long time trainer for the Men are from Mars, Women from Venus Institute. In fact, Janice was one of the original trainers through the program in 1996. 


Since that time she has personally trained over 500 Mars Venus Facilitators and Counselors worldwide. Often times working side by side with John Gray.


As a Mars Venus Facilitator, Janice has helped hundreds improve their relationships with her fun and entertaining style. She has been featured on TV, radio and in numerous articles, including

Janice is the author of the book Relationship Rules.





There's more...


Janice also discusses...


          How to deal with rejection


          Do you have time for friends and your boyfriend or girlfriend...balancing your social

             life when dating


          A website resource that offers all kinds of advice for dating online


          Easy steps you can take to make yourself more physically attractive


          What to do if your date is rude or ignores you


          How to keep the conversation going with a shy guy or girl


          What you should never do on a first date


          How to tell if this is the "real" thing


          How to end a relationship with your boyfriend


          How to end a relationship with your girlfriend


          Making your first kiss memorable


          The difference between how men and women say sorry




About Jason C. Steinle:


Jason C. Steinle is the author of Upload Experience: Quarterlife Solutions for Teens and Twentysomethings. He has interviewed over 400 quarterlifers and 150 experts on the biggest questions today's teens, twentysomethings, and thirty-year-olds face when going out into the real world.


Jason interviews Janice in Dating for Teenagers




There's even more...

Hear what Janice has to say about...

          The number one complaint women have about men


          How guys' brains are wired differently than girls' brains...this is the reason why he

             doesn't call you and why she is seems to over analyze everything


          Steps you can take to stay safe on a date


          How to end a date early when it is not going well


          The pros and cons of going out on group dates


          Building a solid foundation in a relationship


          What the difference between men's time and women's time is


          Dating lots of people at once or going one person at a time


          The difference between dating, seeing someone, going steady, and hanging out


          How to tell if a guy or girl is interested in you before you ask him or her out





Why guess about dating?


Get the audio and rest easy knowing you are learning from the best.

You could spend days looking for quality books and seminars...and then spend years studying them to gain the experience and knowledge that Janice shares in this one hour interview.

Do it for it for your social life...get this interview.

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