Personal Coaching  

Work one-on-one with one of our coaches to help you discover your purpose and direction in life.


Coaching is done by telephone.


Current rates are $100.00 per hour plus phone expenses when applicable.


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Common questions that we get are:
Who do you work with? Generally we work with people between 20-37 years of age who have achieved some level of success in life (academic, professional, athletic, or family) and yet sense there is something missing.

The personal coaching we offer is not psychological counseling or therapy in the traditional use of the terms. In other words, we do not treat illness or pathology.

Instead it is our goal to offer healthy individuals additional assistance in the following areas:

Life direction and purpose

Health goals including weight management, energy, and exercise programs

Goals setting and overcoming procrastination 

What does a session look like? Phone sessions involve active participation in exercises designed to bring about greater understanding. They also involve the teaching of information and planning of specific action steps for coming weeks.

We believe that personal understanding followed by a clear action plan and a build in system of accountability makes for rapid change.

How long will it take?   You are in control of your progress. Some individuals get what they are seeking in one session. Others prefer the ongoing support, information, and accountability. You can start or stop as you need.

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