It's what someone may casually mention to you over lunch, during a round of golf, or in the hallway that takes only 30 seconds to say, but completely transforms your life.

It's not book smarts, it's experience. Upload a lifetime of it now!

Where it all began...

Upload Experience started back in 2001 when Jason C. Steinle began interviewing the world's authorities in the areas of personal growth, leadership, business, spirituality, relationships, and health.  These radio interviews continue today and have grow to include television and research interviews.  You can listen to these conversations by checking out our blog

From these early interviews Jason began working on his first book, Upload Experience: Quarterlife Solutions for Teens and Twentysomethings.  His research explored the major questions quarterlifers (including himself) faced when entering the real world. Questions such as:

   What is my purpose?

   Why am I here?

   What should I do for a living?

   Where can I find Mr. or Mrs. Right?

   What is my spiritual path?

After five years and over 500 interviews, Quarterlife Solutions for Teens and Twenysomethings, was originally published May 2005. (It has since been revised)



Upload Experience: Quarterlife Solutions for Teens

and Twentysomethings is an honest look at 30 of the

biggest questions today’s quarterlifers—people between

16 and 34—face when going out into the real world for

the first time. Throughout each chapter Jason shares real

life experiences from over 400 interviews he has conducted

with quarterlifers. In addition, he weaves into each chapter

the advice from over 100 experts.




Where we are...

Today we have expanded our ability to share the experience of others through the mediums of .mp3 downloads, podcasts, ebooks, blogs, and paperbacks.

We continue to collaborate with the foremost leaders in developing new and innovated information products. 

We hope you find us to be of value and service. Let us know how we can help. We can be reached at the following:

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