About the author:


Jason C. Steinle

Being a quarterlifer himself (16-34 years old), the author, Jason Steinle, knows first hand the questions, concerns, and problems this group faces. Through his radio and television programs, Jason, has had the unique opportunity to interview the worlds top men and women in the areas of self-help, career, relationships, health, and spirituality. He has also gleamed years of experience and insight from the patients he works with on a daily basis at Health and Harmony Chiropractic and Wellness Center, a center he founded at age 24. Real people, living real lives have shared thousands of stories and experiences with him on how they found purpose and direction in their lives.

Jason used the principles taught in UPLOAD EXPERIENCE: Quarterlife Solutions to establish the Health and Harmony Chiropractic and Wellness Center, The Steinle Show radio and television programs, and Nasoj Publications, LLC which published this book and offers individual, group, and corporate programs.

Jason hopes that UPLOAD EXPERIENCE: Quarterlife Solutions will become a household resource. There has never been a more relevant time for people ages 17-35 to experience the growth and potential to be discovered in UPLOAD EXPERIENCE! 

Hometown: Sturgis, SD, home of the world famous Motorcycle Rally. (No I dont have a Harley. At least not yet.)

Life Motto: These are the times I am the person.

Family: Oldest of 3 brothers and 0 sisters. My parents are alive and together.

Marital Status: Not married, but I look forward to being a father one day

Biggest Concern: Forgetting and becoming comfortably numb

What you wish you had known two years ago: The importance of relationships in all walks of life

Favorite Movie: Dead Poets Society

Favorite Reality Show: The Apprentice

What do you do for exercise: Im an avid hiker, Mt. biker, snowshoer, and yoga practitioner.