Book review for UPLOAD EXPERIENCE: Quarterlife Solutions for Teens and Twentysomethings


by Jason C. Steinle






Why is it that today’s quarterlifers—people between the ages of 16 and 34—have the highest rate of drug and alcohol abuse, the highest rate of divorce and the highest number of suicide attempts?  Why is it that they are taking 5 and even 6 years to complete a 4-year-degree? Why is it that 65% plan on returning home to live after graduating?


Chiropractor, talk show host and quarterlifer himself, Jason Steinle, set out to find the answers to these questions.  After interviewing over 400 quarterlifers from around the United States he discovered that contrary to popular opinion today’s young men and women are seeking direction and purpose in their lives.  The problem is that they don’t know where to find them and end up drifting aimlessly in their relationships, careers, school and finances. As one quarterlifer said, “Life today is complicated. It’s confusing. It seems that it was a lot simpler for our parents.”


Steinle’s book—Upload Experience: Quarterlife Solutions for Teens and Twentysomethings--solves this dilemma by taking the reader through 30 of the biggest questions that quarterlifers face when going out into the real world. Questions such as, “What should I do for a living?” “Does becoming a responsible adult mean life becomes boring and monotonous?” and “What is my purpose?” 


Together with its interactive layout, on-point content, and ease of reading Upload Experience: Quarterlife Solutions is as wise as it is raw. Throughout each chapter Steinle not only shares the real life experiences of quarterlifers, he also weaves into each chapter advice from experts he has interviewed on his talk radio and television shows. Steinle shares this advice in a way that is conversational not preachy.  As one reader said, “A lot of books we read today tell us what we should do. Upload Experience: Quarterlife Solutions helps individuals figure it out on their own. Ideas are presented in a way that hits home and keeps people reading!” 


Upload Experience: Quarterlife Solutions is a hip, honest, and helpful look into the lives of today’s quarterlifers. The book makes a great addition to your collection and it’s a great back-to-school gift idea. As Jack Canfield, co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series says, “I wish I had access to Jason’s work 30 years ago! A perfect gift for today’s high school and college graduate.”

UPLOAD EXPERIENCE: Quarterlife Solutions for Teens and Twentysomethings is available online at or by calling 1-888-8-UPLOAD.